Outsourcing Resume Screening Service

You can outsource your Resume Screening work to us. We can work for you and provide the most relevant & suitable resumes/CVs, meeting your given job description, skill sets and profile.

Who can Outsource?

  • 1.  Companies – from World over, of any size, domain and industry type
  • 2.  Business Houses – from World over
  • 3.  Recruiters – from World over Company’s HR Department, Placement & Recruitment Agencies

Why to Outsource?

  • 1.  To minimize Recruitment Costs
  • 2.  To meet Timelines of urgent recruitments
  • 3.  To get most Relevant & Suitable Resumes/Profiles through screening by professionals

Role of HRexec

  • Become your Extended Arm, Vendor or Sub-contractor and work like your own HR executive and give the desired results in specified time

How it Works?

  • 1.  We can mutually sign NDA, Agreements, SLA, Rate Contracts, etc.
  • 2.  You have to provide Temporary Login/Access Details, for us to work on your preferred/specific database or job portal accounts
  • 3.  We submit the Screened & Short listed Resumes to you
  • 4.  You pay us our agreed Fees
  • *Please refer ‘How our service works’ in ‘Services’ page of this website, for more information.

Type of Association

  • 1.  Project specific
  • 2.  Long term or Short term
  • 3.  Ongoing – with specially trained and dedicated team/resources

  • We assure you our finest attention, quality output and most satisfying services.
  • Resume Screening Service
  • Resume Short listing Service
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